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Oct 11

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Experience Meta Connect like never before. Be the first to see upcoming features during the Keynote, find out about the latest developments in the breakout sessions, and network with fellow creators, developers and tech enthusiasts in Meta Horizon World’s custom-built experience, Meta Square.

Dev Sessions

A Metaverse Beyond Gaming

Alex Swartsel, Kevin Chan, Sara Lisa Vogel

Avatars & Commerce

Ara Parikh, Claire Yao, Jamie She, Tyler Hopf

Be Generous: VR Design Tips to Reduce Player Frustration

Ted DiNola

Bringing People Together: Multiplayer and Integrity APIs

Dan Zhao, Franklin Rice

Build Great WebXR Experiences

DM Liao, Scott Nagy

Building Advanced Virtual Objects with Scripting and Shaders

Austin Wellbelove, Dunfan Lu

Building Bridges to the Metaverse

Alex Hopmann, Andy Shenton

Building for the Metaverse on the Web

Jacob Rossi, Josh Sach, Karim Toubba

Building Immersive Voice Driven Experiences with Presence Platform

Aaron Jackson, Donny Dinh, Julien Odent, Rachel Choi

Building Natural and Compelling Hand Based Experiences in VR Using Presence Platform

Danny Yaroslavski, Randi Cabezas

Building the Next Generation of Mixed Reality Experiences using Presence Platform

Avinav Pashine, Britta Hummel, Sarthak Ray, Shirlene Lim

Building Virtual Objects in Meta Spark Studio

Lucia Tahan, Rodrigo Castiel

Carmack Unscripted

John Carmack

Creating a Sport for the Metaverse

Max Weisel

Creativity, Collaboration and Community

Aaron Sorrels, Daniel Martín García, Natalie Griffith

Designing VR for Women

Ellen Utrecht, Richard Duck, Ting Wang

Developer Sessions

Developer State of the Union

Anand Dass, Chris Pruett, Yardley Pohl

Embracing a New Identity: Integrating Meta Avatars in Already Established Product

Jolyon Webb

Enrich Expressivity of Your Apps with Presence Platform

Inga Petryaevskaya, Kirk Barker, Nick Ontiveros, Nik Treiber, Vibhor Saxena

Growing Communities in VR with Integrity and Trust

John Connell, Joshua Buxbaum, Mari Kyle, Simon Lebsekal

Hands On: Building Dynamic and Replayable Experiences

Chelsea Whitmore, Eugene Morgulis, Vu Ha, Yannis Brown

Inclusive Design and Building for Diverse Audiences

Mari Kyle, Tom Ivey


Mark Zuckerberg

Marketing Your Meta Quest App

Caitlin Bigham, Lauren Koester

Meta Avatars SDK | Latest Developments and Learnings for Integrating Avatars

Dariush Zarezadeh, Meghan Rolfe, Prachy Mohan, Ryan Engle, Yagiz Hatay

Meta Avatars: Our Vision and Roadmap

Amanda Jefson

Meta Quest Store & Monetization

Andrea Russell, Drew Venegas, Yuriy Zhovtobryukh

Overview to the Meta Quest and Presence Platforms

AR Schleicher, Rangaprabu Parthasarathy, Rupa Rao

Performance and Optimization on Meta Quest Platform

Jimmy Lee, Luc Charbonneau, Ross Ning

The Creator Journey- Bridging to the Metaverse

Chris Barbour, Dennis Rossiev, Eugene Soh, Luke Hurd, Mitsuko Ono

Use Spatial Audio to Build More Immersive Experiences with Presence Platform

Brett Gildersleeve, Henry Halvorson

VR Development at the Speed of Light

Courtnie Phillip, Ravi Dandu, Rob Radtke

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