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Enrich Expressivity of Your Apps with Presence Platform

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Developer Session

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For Everyone

Learn more about how you can build movement and natural expressions into your apps.


  • Inga Petryaevskaya

    Founder and CEO

    Inga Petryaevskaya is a Founder & CEO of ShapesXR, a company on a mission to bring the next level tool for creation and collaboration in the Metaverse. As a leader and a product owner driving a remote team, Inga was very passionate about building an accessible product with a delightful user experience that would allow all stakeholders, with no 3D skills, to finally start thinking and creating spatially together. Prior to starting the journey of an entrepreneur, Inga was driving innovations and developers’ relations at Dell Technologies and Siemens. Inga holds a degree in CS and is the author of several patents in the area.


    Shapes XR

    Inga Petryaevskaya
  • Kirk Barker

    Product Manager, XR People (He/Him)

    Kirk Barker leads product management for the Movement SDK at Meta, which brings human movement into the metaverse. He worked in principle product management for Amazon Prime after leading Technicolor’s technology licensing business. Kirk also volunteers for the Marine Mammal Center.



    Kirk Barker
  • Nick Ontiveros

    Product Manager (He/Him)

    Nick Ontiveros is a product manager who leads avatar presence for XR in Reality Labs. He works on capabilities to help developers build their best possible avatar products. Before joining Meta, he worked as a PM on streaming video and cloud gaming products.



    Nick Ontiveros
  • Nik Treiber

    Head of Product, Co-Founder

    Nik, Co-Founder and Head of Product at Arthur, is a interdisciplinary designer and entrepreneur from Vienna. Having trained his design prowess in print-, graphic-, web- and interface-design for over a decade, he is on a mission to pioneer and establish the future in spatial design and productivity.


    Arthur Digital

    Nik Treiber
  • Vibhor Saxena

    Product Manager (He/Him)

    Vibhor Saxena is the Product Manager of XR bodies working on bringing expressive bodies into the metaverse.



    Vibhor Saxena

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