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Hands On: Building Dynamic and Replayable Experiences

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Developer Session

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For Everyone

Learn from creators how to bring an engaging and fun world to life. This is a building session showcasing how to use the latest creation tools. Watch a world get built, and jump in.


  • Eugene Morgulis

    Metaverse Governance (He/Him)

    I'm originally from Ukraine, but grew up in Wisconsin and went to school in Boston. I've spent most of my professional career as a lawyer, specifically in the privacy field. I've always loved creating things for people to enjoy, usually sticking to painting or writing. Horizon Worlds opened a creative door for me I never knew existed. When I started building worlds, I had no technical experience whatsoever, just a willingness to learn something new. My worlds tend to be fun social sandboxes with tons of interactive sci-fi or superhero elements. These experiences reinforce and inform my work on the Meta governance team to ensure that virtual spaces are safe, inclusive, and give users control over their digital destinies.



    Eugene Morgulis
  • Vu Ha

    Technical Game Designer (He/Him)

    Vu Ha is a technical game designer at Meta, working on Horizon Worlds, a social VR platform where you can build and publish games and experiences without ever leaving your headset. He has over 10 years of experience working in games and the XR industry.



    Vu Ha
  • Yannis Brown

    Technical Sound Designer (He/Him)

    Yannis Brown

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