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Inclusive Design and Building for Diverse Audiences

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Developer Session

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Inclusive design is a key part of reaching a more diverse audience with your application. In this session, Oculus Studios Game Producer Mari Kyle (Resident Evil 4) will talk through considerations for inclusive design including accessibility, cultural diversity, and player preferences. Special guest Tom Ivey (Executive Producer on Resident Evil 4, Armature Studios) will join to go over a few common game features and mechanics and how they can be redesigned more inclusively. Viewers will walk away with an understanding of what to look out for when designing applications for inclusivity and how to use player feedback to improve your game.


  • Mari Kyle

    Game Producer (She/Her)

    Mari Kyle is a game producer with Oculus Studios, recently launching the award-winning Resident Evil 4 for Meta Quest 2. She previously worked on the Publishing team to review over 1000 VR apps. Her work focuses on advocating for diversity, accessibility, and inclusion in games.



    Mari Kyle
  • Tom Ivey

    Executive Producer (He/Him)

    Tom Ivey is an executive producer at Armature studio. He was a game designer on series that included Metroid Prime and Dead Star. Tom switched to project oversight focusing on VR projects, beginning with Resident Evil 4 for Meta Quest 2. He focuses on designing for accessibility and inclusion.


    Armature Studio

    Tom Ivey

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