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Creativity, Collaboration and Community

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Developer Session

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UGC creation platforms Crayta and Meta Horizon Worlds both have thriving and passionate communities of creators. This session will host a conversation between two of these creators. We'll hear how and why they joined their respective platforms, what they've created, how they've built their own communities around their work, and what they've learnt along the way.


  • Aaron Sorrels

    Recovery Coach (He/Him)

    Known as the Unemployed Alcoholic, comedian and speaker Aaron Sorrels helps people laugh while sharing his experience overcoming addiction and finding purpose. He created the diverse, supportive community, the Soapstone Comedy Club, in Meta Horizon Worlds. He's a co-host of the Well metaversed show.


    The Soapstone Comedy Club

    Aaron Sorrels
  • Daniel Martín García

    Game Designer (He/Him)

    Game designer Daniel Garcia hails from Spain, where he's studied in many different areas, including cooking, professional massage, and marketing. Also known as Tumbak7, his real passion since he childhood has been creating games, environments, and stories.

    Daniel Martín García
  • Natalie Griffith

    Head of Brand & Marketing (She/Her)

    Natalie Griffith has a 30+ year games career, including eight years running her own award-winning agency. She's now head of brand and marketing at Meta for UGC games creation platform Crayta. She’s passionate about the potential of the metaverse and the importance of inclusivity and accessibility.


    Unit 2 Games

    Natalie Griffith

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